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Questions about a potential coverup~ – beautiful tattoo designs #tattoos #tattooideas

beautiful tattoo designs Hi guys,
My girlfriend has been kind enough to allow me to use her account for this post- so I apologize as I’m new to Reddit.

I want to make it clear that I’m not asking for any advice that would supersede what I’m going to work on with a tattoo artist. What I’m hoping to find is any personal anecdotes or knowledge that some of you may have regarding how a coverup would best work- what to shoot for and what to avoid.

Long story short, I got a tattoo about six years ago. It is of the old Nordic rune Jera. At the time, for it to look less intense, my tattoo artist convinced me to have it be in a bamboo style as you can see [here](https://m.imgur.com/OjhyH9x,oqg0JVc)

I like the concept of the tattoo however overtime I began to notice/feel that it may lean a bit towards a swastika esqe look which I obviously absolutely want to avoid- the idea alone makes me very uncomfortable. This though has been compounded as I’ve been asked often if the tattoo above is meant to be of Maus the graphic novel (it’s old Stewart little). People point to the rune while speak about this on more than one occasion. Most importantly though the rune reminds me personally of that shape a bit too much.

It’s been six years and I’ve thought hard about it over that time and have decided that I would indeed like to have a cover up. Unfortunately my old artist has retired and moved so I’m looking for a new artist- but I’ll have to travel to find one. In the meantime I would love any advice about what to avoid or what to work towards in terms of a cover up. I have heard that it’s best to choose a new tattoo and that the artist can do the rest, but any other info would be so appreciated.

[Here](https://m.imgur.com/a/de6UqLX) are more pictures of the tattoo and the surrounding space. There is a small name there that could be covered if need be I’m not trying to protect it necessarily- as I could have it somewhere else or not at all in the future. I’m hoping to stick with my general aesthetic and themes, revolving around old children’s story illustrations and things like Miyazaki spirits, Calvin and Hobbes or unique animal art- just as a reference for what types of concepts are on my mind.

I am in no rush to do this but have begun the process by giving it some thought and asking around. I am current looking to find an artist on another sub that can help with some concepts to initially approach an artist with just as a baseline- I know these are subject to change and will work closely with the tattoo artist more than anything, but I felt it couldn’t hurt just to have some new ideas to approach them with.

I appreciate any personal experience or advise that you guys are willing to share.

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